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MAG Solar is a trusted source for solar power installation and energy solutions, and is committed to offering sustainable and eco-friendly energy options for your homes. We prioritize solar excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction to help you transition to clean and renewable energy, while ensuring you save on energy costs.

Our Solar Power Services

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Residential Solar Installation

Transforming your home into an energy-efficient powerhouse is made easy with MAG Solar’s residential solar installation services. Our approach centers on creating custom-designed solar energy solutions that seamlessly integrate with your property. 

Our installer team collaborates closely with you to identify the ideal location for solar panels, ensuring maximum energy production while enhancing the aesthetics of your home. We’re not just about generating clean energy but also about making your home look good.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

The durability and efficiency of your solar energy system are paramount. MAG Solar offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance and fixing services to ensure your system runs smoothly year after year. Our highly trained installers are equipped to promptly address any system issues that may arise, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy production.
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Solar Energy Battery Backup Systems

Take your solar setup to the next level by seamlessly integrating a state-of-the-art solar battery solution. This addition allows you to capture surplus solar energy generated during the day and store it when you need it most—whether during nighttime hours or in the event of grid outages.

MAG Solar’s solar energy battery solution provides greater energy independence and flexibility, ensuring you have power when and where you need it.

Solar Energy Consultation

If you’re uncertain about how to begin your journey toward solar panel system installation, our experienced team is here to guide you. We offer professional solar energy consultations to assess your property’s potential for solar power generation.

During your consultation, we’ll provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits and costs associated with transitioning to solar energy. This personalized guidance ensures you make an informed decision tailored to your needs and circumstances. MAG Solar is your trusted partner in navigating the path to solar energy adoption.

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Our Solar Power System Installation Process

MAG Solar is dedicated to making the transition to solar power seamless and worry-free for customers. We meticulously install solar panels with a focus on customer convenience and satisfaction.


Your journey with us begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this phase, we take the time to listen to your energy needs, budget considerations, and overall goals. Thus, we can tailor a solar energy solution that is a perfect fit for you. Your input is invaluable and forms the foundation of the entire process.

Custom Design

Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, our team of professionals steps in to design a solar system that is fully customized to your property. We consider your location, roof orientation, shading, and energy consumption patterns. This meticulous planning ensures that your solar installation is efficient and maximizes your location’s energy potential.

Permitting and Approvals

MAG Solar handles necessary paperwork and ensures local regulations and standards compliance. This eliminates the hassle and ensures a smooth transition to clean, renewable energy. By tapping into our network across various municipalities we are able to fast track the approval process.


Our skilled technicians are at the heart of our installation process. We bring years of experience and expertise to the table, guaranteeing a precise and careful installation of your solar panels and system. We adhere strictly to industry best practices to ensure the reliability and longevity of your solar energy system.

Testing and Inspection

MAG Solar conducts rigorous testing and inspections to guarantee your solar system’s safety and optimal performance. This step ensures that every component functions as intended, giving you peace of mind that your investment will deliver on its promises.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Your relationship with MAG Solar doesn’t end with installation. We offer continuous monitoring and maintenance services to keep your solar system in the best condition. By proactively identifying and addressing any issues, we ensure that your system performs at its best, day in and day out.

With MAG Solar, your transition to clean, renewable energy is not just efficient; it’s a partnership that prioritizes your unique needs and ensures a worry-free experience. We invite you to join us in the journey toward a sustainable future and experience the difference in our streamlined solar power installation process.

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Sustainability and Community

MAG Solar believes in giving back to the community and promoting sustainability beyond our services. We actively engage in local initiatives to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our solar power installation projects; it’s a part of our company culture.

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Are you ready to make the switch to clean, renewable energy?

MAG Solar is here to help you with your solar power installation every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a brighter, more sustainable future. MAG Solar can assist you in understanding solar panels cost and how it can vary depending on how much energy you need, including insights into solar power systems and the overall cost of solar panels.

Choose MAG Solar as your trusted local solar installer and partner in solar panel installation. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable world for future generations. Join us in harnessing the power of the sun for a greener tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Installing solar panels from MAG Solar can have a positive impact on your relationship with BC Hydro. By generating your own electricity through solar power, you can reduce your reliance on BC Hydro for electricity, potentially lowering your electricity bills.

If your solar panels generate more electricity than you use, you can even earn credits through net metering, which BC Hydro offers. This means you can bank excess energy and use it when your solar panels are not producing, further reducing your energy costs.

The number of solar panels you need for your home depends on various factors, including your energy consumption, location, and available roof space. MAG Solar offers free consultations to assess your specific needs and design a customized solar power system. We will analyze your energy usage and roof conditions to determine the optimal number of panels to meet your energy goals efficiently.

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