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Experience the perfect combination of rich culture and natural wonders in Calgary. Calgary is a prime spot for solar power because of the city’s abundant sunshine, especially during winter months.

Be part of Calgary’s growing green energy movement by relying on MAG Solar, a dependable “solar panel installation Calgary” company.

MAG Solar is a solar company that offers high-quality solar systems designed for optimal solar potential, backed by an experienced team dedicated to maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. Your Calgary home can enjoy sustainable additional energy savings, aligned with the Canada Greener Homes initiative and promoting green living in Western Canada—all while saving money. We also serve Winnipeg, The Lower Mainland, and Okanagan.

Types of Solar Panels We Install

Longi – LR5 54HPB-405 – Mono – Black – 54 Cell

Q Cells – 480 Watt Q.Peak Duo XL-G10.3 78 Cell Solar Panels

●        High-performing solar panel with a power tolerance of 0 to 3 %

●        Low LID Mono PERC technology is implemented to reduce power degradation.

●        Strong and resistant to ammonia, saline mist, and PID in harsh environments.

●        Superior performance under dim light conditions.

●        Using an optimized electrical design, effective at lower temperatures and reduces the likelihood of heated spots.

●        The module achieves an enhanced efficacy of 21.6% using ANTUM DUO Z Technology.

●        Increased power production with less land area used. Leads to lower power prices and higher yields.

●        Construction of a high-tech aluminum alloy frame that can endure severe weather conditions.

●        Authorized to withstand 5400Pa of heavy snow loads and 3000Pa of severe wind loads.

Process of Installing Solar Panels

Our staff will contact you for a first consultation to review your goals, issues, and requirements. Here are some questions you may ask:

  • Is there anything I need to know about HOA regulations or local ordinances?
  • What is the recommended number of panels, and where should they be installed?
  • How much does the installation cost, including equipment, labour, permits, and other fees?
  • What equipment and installation warranties are offered?
  • Will you provide customer references or installation examples?

From the initial consultation to the final switch-on, our meticulous planning ensures that your solar installation meets your needs and expectations.

  • Appointment and Consultation: 1-2 Weeks
  • Evaluation of the Site and Energy Use: 1 Week
  • Planning and design: 1-2 weeks
  • Ordering and Shipping Time: 1-2 Weeks
  • Installation: 2-3 days
  • Inspection and Commissioning: 1 Week

The following factors are considered while designing your solar panel system:

  • Roof Condition. Roof quality, orientation, and angle should be assessed for solar panel attachment. Make sure the roof can sustain the panels and is structurally sound.
  • System Orientation and Tilt. Optimize solar panel orientation and tilt angle to maximize sunshine exposure year-round. Panels usually face south (in the northern hemisphere) and are tilted at the site's latitude.
  • Shading Analysis. Shade analysis can reveal solar panel performance-reducing impediments. Take seasonal shading patterns into account.
  • Electrical Wiring and Design. Plan wiring, conduits, and electrical connections to reduce energy losses and comply with electrical codes.
  • Attach racking or mounting systems securely to the roof.
  • Connect solar panels to inverters and route wiring properly to the electrical panel.
  • Inverter installation. Install inverters in a suitable location.
  • Ensure proper system grounding to protect against electrical faults.

Our qualified technicians securely install the solar panels to ensure they absorb the most sunlight possible.

Project 3

Solar Maintenance Services

Our thorough maintenance services ensure your solar system works great and gives you clean, efficient energy for many years.

Post-installation Check-ups

Once your solar system is up and running, our team will contact you for follow-up visits to ensure everything functions as it should. These post-installation check-ups are important for identifying potential issues early on and preventing larger problems. We promptly address these issues so your system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Kit. Includes brushes, squeegees, and cleaning solutions to clean solar panels of dust, bird droppings, and other debris.
  • Measures solar panel and electrical connection voltage, current, and resistance. It detects weak connections and faulty panels.
  • Infrared thermometer. Detects solar panel hot spots caused by cell or connection failure. Temperature monitoring prevents damage and optimizes functioning.
  • Crimping Tool. Installing or maintaining solar system wiring requires secure electrical connections. It guarantees conductivity and safety.

Install Premium Solar Panels in Calgary

MAG Solar is a team of reliable solar installers that offers quality solar power systems. Reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions and electricity bill by maximizing solar energy. If you want to learn about energy consumption, energy costs, and everything about solar panel installations, give MAG solar a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the areas in the Lower Mainland that we service:

  • Vancouver
  • Surrey
  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Coquitlam
  • Langley
  • Abbotsford
  • Mission
  • Chilliwack

We also provide renewable energy services to the following communities in the Okanagan region:

  • Kelowna
  • Vernon
  • Penticton
  • West Kelowna
  • Osoyoos

High-altitude solar panels work well because the thinner atmosphere increases the exposure to sunlight. Insulation and well-designed systems can lessen the impact of temperature extremes on system performance.

There are a few choices for your home solar panels if you’re relocating.

  • When selling your home, you may leave the solar panels installed. They can boost your home’s value and attract purchasers.
  • If you invest heavily in solar panels, you may take them to your new home. To do this, you will need professional help from solar companies.
  • You may negotiate with purchasers to incorporate solar panels in the house sale.
  • If you leased the solar panels or took out a loan to finance them, you must review the conditions of your arrangement.

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