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Canada Greener Homes Grant Ending – Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

If you’re considering making your home more energy-efficient, you’ve likely heard about the Canadian Greener Homes Grant. It’s a government program encouraging homeowners to upgrade their homes for energy efficiency and environmental benefits. The grant gives rebates of up to $5,600, supporting Canada’s goal to reduce the carbon footprint of homes.

But here’s the catch – the program ends in March 2024, and they won’t accept applications after that. As the deadline gets closer, more people are applying. So, to secure your rebate, act quickly to schedule your energy audit before it’s too late.

Understanding the Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canada Greener Homes Grant, launched in 2020, has been a vital initiative by the government to encourage Canadians to make energy-efficient homes. The grant offers financial incentives to homeowners for making eco-friendly upgrades. These include better insulation, energy-efficient heating systems, and more. This helps individuals reduce their utility bills and contributes to the nation’s overall sustainability goals.

The Canadian Greener Homes Grant is designed to be accessible to most Canadian homeowners. Check out the eligibility criteria and important points for replacement windows and doors below:

Eligible Property Types

Eligible Property Type Description
Single or Semi-Detached HouseIndependent residential or connected structures typically have one or two dwelling units.
Mobile Home on a Permanent FoundationA mobile home that is securely fixed to a permanent foundation, ensuring stability and permanence.
Permanently Moored Floating HomeHomes floating on water that are securely anchored and designed for permanent habitation.
Row HouseA series of attached homes, typically in a uniform architectural style, forming a row along a street or other defined space.
TownhomeMulti-level residential units share common walls, often forming part of a larger complex or community.
Mixed-Use Building (Residential Only)A building that serves both residential and commercial purposes, with eligibility limited to the residential portion.
Multi-Unit Residential BuildingA building containing multiple residential units, such as apartment complexes or condominiums.

The Impact of Greener Homes

Making your home more energy-efficient has a ripple effect on the environment. By reducing energy consumption, you contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, ultimately combating climate change. 

The Canada Greener Homes Grant promotes sustainable living practices and creates a greener future for future generations.

Launched in May 2021, this federal initiative aimed to help 700,000 homeowners improve home energy efficiency, saving money on energy bills and benefiting the environment.


Total Grants Issued$375 million
Homeowners Helped93,600


As the March 2024 deadline for the Canadian Greener Homes Grant approaches, there are only a few months left to take advantage of this opportunity for significant cashback on home renovations.

Why Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit is an important first step in identifying areas of improvement in your home’s energy efficiency. Through a comprehensive assessment, experts can pinpoint areas where energy is wasted and suggest tailored solutions. With the Greener Homes Grant ending, scheduling an energy audit can take advantage of available incentives and ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible.

Why apply now? Here’s why you should act as soon as possible:

  • Registration and eligibility check
  • Pre-retrofit energy audit
  • Hiring a solar energy contractor
  • Completing the energy upgrade
  • Post-retrofit energy audit

Maximizing the Greener Homes Grant

To maximize the benefits of the Canada Greener Homes Grant, consider the following tips:

Plan Your Upgrades

Before the energy audit, identify potential upgrades for your home. Adhere to the following tips to plan your upgrades:


Upgrade PlanDescription
Assess Current StateEvaluate the current condition of your home to identify areas that may benefit from upgrades.
Energy AuditConsider scheduling an energy audit to assess your home’s energy efficiency and pinpoint potential areas for improvement.
Identify PrioritiesDetermine the most critical areas that need attention, such as insulation, heating and cooling systems, or windows.
Research OptionsExplore energy-efficient solutions and technologies available in the market for the identified areas.
Budget ConsiderationEstablish a budget for your upgrades, considering both the cost of implementation and potential long-term savings.
Grant Criteria ReviewFamiliarize yourself with the criteria outlined by the Canada Greener Homes Grant to ensure your planned upgrades align with the grant’s requirements.
Consultation with ExpertsSeek advice from a solar system company or energy consultants to get insights on the feasibility and effectiveness of your planned upgrades.
Prioritize Sustainable SolutionsPrioritize upgrades that not only enhance energy efficiency but also contribute to the overall sustainability of your home.
DocumentationKeep thorough records of your upgrade plans, including product specifications and estimated costs, as this information may be required during the application process.


Apply for the Grant

After the energy audit, promptly apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant. The application process may take some time, so submitting your documents and receipts is important. Ensure all upgrades meet the grant’s requirements for eligibility. Need assistance? Seek professional help from MAG Solar today. 

How to Get the Greener Homes Grant in Easy Steps

Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to a more energy-efficient and valuable home.

Check Eligibility

  • Make sure your property and planned upgrades meet the grant’s criteria.
  • Verify your property type and the energy-efficient changes you want.

Register and Audit

  • Sign up on the official Greener Homes Grant website.
  • Get an initial energy audit from a certified advisor to assess your home’s energy efficiency.

Plan Your Upgrades

  • Decide on upgrades based on the audit’s suggestions.
  • It could be window or door replacements, insulation improvements, or other changes you want.

Hire the Right Contractors

  • Choose qualified contractors for the retrofits to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Ensure they understand the Greener Homes Grant requirements.

Complete Upgrades and Document

  • Finish the upgrades and gather all needed documents, like receipts and work descriptions.

Final Audit and Claim

  • Get a final energy audit after upgrades.
  • Submit the audit report and your rebate claim through the program’s portal.

Get Your Rebate

  • Once approved, you’ll get a rebate of up to $5,600 based on upgrade cost and type.

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Partner With A Reliable Solar Company Provider

The Canada Greener Homes Grant has been a game-changer in promoting energy efficiency and sustainable living. As the grant nears its end, it’s important to seize the opportunity and schedule your energy audit. 

By taking this step, you contribute to a greener environment and position yourself to benefit from the available financial incentives. Don’t wait – act now and make your home a beacon of sustainability for years.

Switch to clean energy with confidence. Partner with our reliable solar company and unlock a brighter, more sustainable future for your home or business. From expert consultations to seamless installations, MAG Solar powers your journey towards a greener tomorrow. Join us in embracing solar solutions – your trusted partner in sustainable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Canada Greener Homes pre-evaluation costs $450+HST and takes 2-3 hours. The post-evaluation costs $230+HST and requires about 1 hour with someone present in the home.

Yes, you pay the evaluation costs upfront. However, after completing the Canada Greener Homes program, you’ll be reimbursed the total cost of both evaluations ($600). Payment is accepted via Visa or Mastercard and processed over the phone a week before your evaluation.

You’ll receive a reimbursement of $600 for evaluation costs and up to $5000 for eligible upgrades like insulation, windows, doors, air sealing, solar panels, and heat pump systems. To qualify, complete at least one eligible retrofit, each with a predetermined allowance.

Reimbursement comes after completing renovations and submitting all documents and receipts to the online portal. The federal government will send you a cheque by mail.

No, there’s no specified deadline for upgrades or post-evaluation. The Canada Greener Homes program runs until 2028, providing up to 700,000 grants. Ensure you finish your upgrades before the program ends or grants run out.

The grant does not cover traditional natural gas furnaces or regular air conditioning units. Only electric heat pump systems qualify for reimbursement. Many heat pump units offer heating and cooling, providing higher efficiency and emitting fewer greenhouse gases than traditional gas furnaces.

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